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inventoo is a One-Stop-Shop solution working as a One-Stop-Search (vertical search) and a unique one in its area of activity.

What is a One-Stop-Shop solution? It´s the right door (business partner) to go to when you want to make sure you can get there everything you need, regarding a service.

  • Here you find innovation!

For Inventors

Imagine that you want to do something that is considered difficult, as turning a great idea into a marketable invention. At first you don't exactly know what to do or where to start from, so you look for a business solution that will enable you to achieve your goal: show the world you have an invention with market potential!

…and inventoo can make you win good money for it.

  • Invent.
  • Ad.
  • Go.

For Seekers

One of the best ways to be a market leader is to make the leadership path yourself. How do you do that? You create your own market roadmap of innovation and focus on the opportunities that pop-up on your way.

If you are able to make it market interesting and on time-to-market, you have won attention for it and achieved your goal. This reflects in your company's results and on your brand tag. inventoo gets you there on time.

  • Seek.
  • Choose.
  • Get.