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About Inventoo

Change was needed! We want to embrace that challenge and take the lead. There was a need still to be satisfied. To provide an easy and safe space/location for those who want to innovate as well as an easy and secure space with a direct access to inventors for those who search the market for innovations.

inventoo is a new and innovative e-business platform project for the business development, innovation and creativity market that will contribute to the Economic, Technological and citizens Intellectual initiative spirit development worldwide. site is a market facilitator on the Internet... It will "turn the tables" of the actual market flow. inventoo wants to start a whole new way of looking at business and world market development, by creating a more proactive, dynamic and stimulant marketplace for inventors and seekers. It's about a new pop-up (moment of genius), pop-in (invention ad) and pop-out (seek invention) information concept in a C2B (Consumer-to-Business) model!

What inventoo now enables is an environment where Intellectual Capital holders can suggest their inventions to potential seekers or buyers using a Marketing technique.

The following step is up to both interested parties...

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