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Step by Step

The way to go… as simple as it gets. Attitude, Will and Commitment help you get close; inventoo helps you get there. It's the strategic step between the ladder and the roof.

Inventors: You have an invention, then you go for it.

Seekers: You need innovation, then you get it.

  • you are INventoo!

For Inventors

  1. I have an invention!
  2. Click "AD NOW!"
  3. Fill in your ad registration (invention and personal data)
  4. Confirm that your ad registration is available online after payment
  • Done deal. Time to make business!

For Seekers

  1. Search for innovation!
  2. Click "SEEK NOW!"
  3. Select the invention to get the inventor's contact (register, if not a user yet)
  4. Confirm that the inventor's contact is available at your personal area after payment
  • Done deal. Time to make business!