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The present particular conditions, ahead designated as “Particular Conditions”, regulates the access and use of the Internet service, ahead designated as “Site” or “inventoo”, that ATVIP – CONSULTORIA, UNIPESSOAL LDA ahead designated as “ATVIP” sets at the disposal of the market interested parties, ahead designated as “Users” or “Investors”.

The use of this service, ahead designated as “Service” confers to who uses the condition of User and expresses its full and without reserves acceptance as the User since the moment that he accedes to the service, of all and each one of the presented conditions of these Particular Conditions, without prejudice of the rules inserted in the General Conditions that regulates the use of inventoo.

In order for both these Particular Conditions and the General Conditions (that can also be read here) to become acceptable and effective and it produces all its legal effects and can bind the parties, the Investor has to read and then accept this Particular Conditions by clicking on the “I Accept” button.



Inventor: For effect of these Particular Conditions the Inventor is the individual person or corporate body that will promote its invention through the inventoo by registration on the available forms. Inventors will also be those who innovated or created something new and are willing to pay a price to see their Intellectual Capital available in the market through inventoo stated conditions.

Investor: For effect of these Particular Conditions the Investor is the individual person or corporate body that will be searching for inventions through inventoo by selective research on the available forms. Investors will also be those who are seeking in the market for new business invention opportunity and are willing to pay a price for a possible usable, or even revolutionary, invention through inventoo stated conditions.



Through this service, inventoo provides to Users, by means of the payment of a price, access and use of one service that it makes possible to the Investor to acquire, among others, inventions, products, business, processes of production, or any another process that has industrial or commercial application.

To provide this Service, inventoo sets at the disposal of Users organized thematic selections, directories and channels.

inventoo reserves the right to modify unilaterally at any moment and without previous notice the Service presentation and configuration, as well as the conditions required for its use, in the terms foreseen in the General Conditions of use of inventoo.

inventoo reserves the right to change any registration filled-in by the user before or after it has been displayed and put available online. If any irregularity is detected according to the forms presented to the user and their acceptable information to be filled-in, inventoo can correct or change it without notice to the user before or after displaying it online.

The registration contents will only be available to be sent to the user after the payment for this service is clearly confirmed and identified with the bank or payment control entity.



4.1. To provide the Service described in these Particular Conditions it is necessary the previous registration of the User through the filling-in of the user’s form.

4.2. inventoo informs the User about the registration contents and its relevant detailed information with a confirmation report by email or by assigning a login and password access to the information.

4.3. By agreement between parties, the property of the registration (registration contents) belongs to any of the individual person or corporate body that has paid inventoo for it. By the service default process, the registration itself is property of the Inventor and shall remain its property until expiring date of the registration (terminus). However, the registration automatically becomes property of the Investor as soon as the Investor acquires the registration. The Investor can, after acquiring the registration and, therefore its property, delete the registration paying the amount stated in inventoo pricing.

4.4. For the use of this service, the Investor shall pay the amount of the service as informed in the pricing tables available in the site. Payments are NET and shall be made without bank charges, deductions or withholding taxes, if applicable. In such a case, the user will supply inventoo with the documentation indicating payment to the relevant authorities.

4.5. If, due to legal regulations, payments are subject to VAT, turnover tax or withholding taxes in one of the contracting user’s countries, the user supports the service tax directly on the service payment. This amount shall be indicated in the fill-in form (as required) and automatically calculated and added to the payment amount.

4.6. Invoice/receipt can be required during registration and/or payment act, ahead designated as “act timing”. If the user does not require the documents (Invoice/receipt or other official payment confirmation) during this act timing, inventoo is not obligated to generate these documents and user cannot demand such requirement to be executed.

4.7. All prices listed in the site are NET payment amounts. Any TAXES or VAT shall be added to these pricing tables for final service payment.



5.1. The access and use of the service provided by inventoo has the duration mentioned in the Site board according to the registration investment choice, unless clause 4.3 of these Particular Conditions is applicable.

5.2. Whenever the registration is to be terminated, inventoo, within reasonable time, is obliged to communicate to the User that fact and to inform that the registration can be renewed.

5.3. Credits acquired have to be used before their expiring date according to the pricing conditions. After such period they will be reset and deleted from the investor’s account balance. inventoo shall do its best to inform the user before time and within a reasonable time of such action is taken into practice.



These Particular Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the law of Portugal.

All disputes arising in connection with these Particular Conditions shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of Portugal.


Accept, as understood and agreed by both parties.