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This is your direct communication channel for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

In case you don’t find a FAQ that suits your questions, kindly feel free to contact us and enable us to extend our FAQ.

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QUESTION ON PAYMENTS: Besides the site service payment for inventors to register an «inventoo ad», as for seekers to «seek inventoo» and acquire the inventor contact, are there any fees or success fees due to inventoo on the potential business?
No. This is a clean model. There are no hidden or success fees due by the inventor or the seeker to inventoo.
QUESTION FROM INVENTORS: Will I be contacted by a company seeking innovation?
You can expect to be contacted, yes. It mostly depends on your inventoo quality ad and on the invention potential/opportunity that you are promoting.
QUESTION FROM SEEKER: After I buy one or multiple inventors’ contacts, am I expected to contact them and are they expecting to be contacted?
Buying a contact is your decision to access the person behind the invention to establish contact and potentially make business. You contact who you want, if you want and when you want.