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Ad to get Results

Mind… Your own business!

That’s right, believe in yourself, use your brilliant mind and make it your own business… Be an Entreployeeneur™

Safely promote your intelligence, deliver creativity and enable it to be marketable… Get recognized money!

  • Invent.
  • Ad.
  • Go.

How it Works

YOU have the click, that one time moment of genius. AD it and SELL it to existing brands!

Invent with a free spirit like children do, without limitation.

Believe in yourself and be impressed.

Start thinking about details, write and register specs of YOUR invention and think about it going to market.

Register YOUR account.

Promote (NOT reveal) YOUR invention to existing brands filling the fields requirements.

Publish after payment.

KISS technique: keep it short and simple. Remember that less is more. The less you say, the more attractive it shall be.

When YOU least expect, brands SEEK inventions and can choose YOURS and contact YOU.

Get ready to SELL out YOUR knowledge and see YOUR invention go to market.

Be an Entreployeeneur.

Golden Tips

These 10 tips that follow are based on a newsletter that we have received from Kenneth R. Johnson (President of Corporate Fortress HQ, Inc) and that we believe to be simply... fantastic! They gave the inventoo project the first step to go... it also started as an invention!

Good Luck! Good inventoo’s!

Inventoo Survey

Of course we did a survey. And yes, we were surprised. A sample results of over 12.000 survey target gave us impressive feedback, such as:
76% answers from >25 years old
51% from most populated profession carrers
52% with inventions ready to “inventoo ad”
60% inventions target 3 major activity areas
81% clearly go with inventoo’s model

Please do check it out!.

Inventoo News

We are the solution!


We are the solution!

ILO: Global unemployment rising again but with significant differences across regions

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